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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 8, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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back here in the bay area, police finally get there man. >> a live look outside. we'll get this thursday started. it's january 8, "today in the bay."
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>> a very good thursday morning to you. it's 4:30. i'm sam brock. >> and you're laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to this morning. first let's check the thursday forecast, saying good morning to christina. >> everybody at home, it is n another spare the air day. a lot of people are finding their contact lenses are becoming unbearable by about 3:00. i have that stuff in my throat as well. it is illegal to burn. as we head through tomorrow, starting tomorrow night specifically we'll start to see a nice area of low pressure come through. temperatures this morning are really mild out there. you don't need to grab that heavy coat. today is going to be nice and then things start to really change by tomorrow. mike has a traffic alert. good morning to you. >> we're looking over here toward the toyota side on dublin, folks. this is not an advertisement, it a locator.
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we take this full look just on the right side. up see a cluster of lights just on the right edge of that sign. an overturned box truck apparently went on the side of the hill, it's blocking the two right lanes. our camera crew trying to get that live shot tuned in, something wasn't quite right for now. this is a bad point just past the dublin interchange. meanwhile the rest of your bay we'll track again the dublin crash blocking two right lanes of westbound 580. >> a second shooting in less than 24 hours now shaking the people of paris. a female police officer has been shot and killed in a paris suburb, this after responding to a traffic accident. a street sweeper was also injured. initial reports suggest that the
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gunman may have been part of yesterday's killings. meantime the manhunt intensifies for the suspects. >> an 18-year-old man has turned himself in. police do know the names and faces of the other two suspects they're looking for this morning. they're two brothers. french authorities say they are two brothers, who they say are armed and extremely dangerous and have appealed to the french people to help them in tracking these men down. it's being reported right now they have been sighted on highways. the suspects are heavily armed and while the fact that they are traveling by roadway indicates
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they are not taking to the skies, they're french nationals and do have passports and may try to fly. >> the third suspect turned himself into police after seeing himself on social media. there are still several fighting for their lives and they are hoping that there will be no
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more deaths as a result of the attack yesterday. >> a huge turnout in front of the french consulate last night. 2,000 people filled the street closing it to traffic, chanting and applause in honor of the dozen killed in paris. >> i see that my compatriots gathering. >> it's such a strong connection to be with these people and be sending love and thoughts to the folks in france and everybody here who has been affected. >> in honor of the journalists killed, people held pens high and others dropped them off at a growing memorial. kris will join us with another
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update at 5:00. >> a peninsula neighborhood is getting the all clear this morning after the police arrested the second of two carjacking suspects. this was a breaking story last night. police in san mateo have issued a shelter in place around south fremont street. officers have taken one of the suspects in custody shortly after a crash involving the vehicle. they have not said if the second suspect was armed. >> a man convicted of embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from a bay area symphony is expected to be in court today. he forged the signatures of two board members on the checks. he was found guilty of tax fraud in december. he faces up to 16 years in prison. >> 4:36 right now. concerned nurses plan to rally
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again today over the selling of the nonprofit hospital being old sold to a for-profit hospital. health workers are split on the sale. >> the almeida county public health department said it is monitoring two people who may have gotten measles at disneyland. nine other cases were reported between december 15th and the 20th. health officials say it's likely one person with measles visiting the park and it spread. it is a highly infectious disease spread by coughing and
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sneezing. >> you don't want to get the virus. it's a little scary but i don't think it to an hysteria point. >> six of the people were not vaccinated, one was too young to be vaccinated and one had the vaccine. >> according to the san francisco chronicle, late last night the city tweaked its plans saying the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the track and field events would be held now in oakland. events would take place in a yet to be built facility for more than likely the oakland raiders. the u.s. olympic committee will be meeting in denver to decide which of four american cities will have the opportunity to most the olympic games. san francisco is competes against los angeles, boston and washington, d.c. >> it is 4:30. we've been talking about the particulate matter in the air.
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>> and in the studio. >> christina, you nailed it. i took the dogs out for a long walk yesterday. >> tho it hit me in my eye, my throat. >> those of us who do wear contacts and glasses are sexy, i will say. we are going to climb to the upper 60s, not as warm yesterday. wool see more of the cooling cloud and better air quality toward the end of the day. otherwise, still tracking that rainy second half of the month. the system is looking really good. we'll talk more about that in my next report. let's welcome in mike inouye. kind of a rough morning for some
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people. >> for this truck driver right here. alan, our photographer, has arrived on scene. the two right lanes are blocked off there. traffic is flowing smoothly but slow will right past the scene. there's a tow truck on top of your seen. this is dublin 580, just approaching the dublin grade. the overturned rig on the side there dropping two lanes. we'll watch this and get an update to see how long it will take to clear. if it doesn't clear for the next 60 to 90 minutes, it will be an issue. right now it does move slow through livermore. eastbound getting out of the area a new slowdown shows up right around greenville. there's typically construction
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there. i don't know if it involved that crew or not. no injuries reported on that side of the bay. this is bay shore in palo alto. back to you. >> still early. 4:40 right now. how facebook helped a california 911 dispatcher find a missing man in need of help. >> and the potentially fatal mistakes that experts say more than half of all parents are making right now. over a million californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long. health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california.
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from boxtown, pennsylvania where a silo has collapsed. >> divers searching for the wreckage of the airasia plan that crashed into the java sea have been unable to find the black box. yesterday search officials found the plane's tail in the java sea. this found is important because
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the black boxes which record the voice and data from the cockpit are in the aircraft tail. in the meantime one body was recovered yesterday, bringing the total to 41. >> this kind of story now becoming more and more prominent, so long networking being credited for helping rescue an injured hiker. this is over the weekend. a man fell 150 feet down a cliff. now, his 11-year-old son called 911 but the call cut out before des patchers learned the exact location. so the dispatcher linked in and found a match until she located the hiker. >> landon dowdy is live with a look at how futures are trading this morning. good morning, landon.
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>> good morning to you, laura. the market could see more green arrows today. the s&p snapping a five-day losing streak. investors reacted favorably to minutes of the lamonth federal reserve. the fed saying it could start raising interest rates this year, even if enflakes doesn't pick up. the dow jumping 212 to 17,583 and the nasdaq up 57 to 4,650. and there is a modest move in the home buying market to cut
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costs to save about $900. >> and a browser called spartan allows voice commands and makes it easier to post headlines. >> very interesting. so sy ri is now going to be controlling your web browser apparently. >> i hope she can understand me. >> speak very slowly. across the country some people are saying enough snow. not our problem here. good morning, christina. >> siri, every time i text somebody a text and doesn't come out right, next one following, siri, she did my wrong givagain. doesn don't you love it when you can
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blame it on a robot. sam is right again, equal and opposite sides of the nation. we're talking about highs, many cities will struggle to break out of the 20s. as we head throughout the next couple days, we are going to see that ridge of high pressure that's been keeping us dry and warm will start to retreat to the east. for us another day of 60s to low 70s with that stagnant mass overhead. we are going to see more winds starting tonight and especially into tomorrow evening. this is our seventh consecutive spare the air day with the unhealthy levels of pollution. temperatures for today are going to end up in the 60s, 69 for the south bay. that's a lovely day, ten degrees above average for this time of year if you take away the haze. you'll have a better shot of the hillside today. you'll be able to see it through
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that thick layer of haze. it's not much better than yesterday. we will see improvement. next week looking good for some rain chances toward the end of the week. but overall, look at the difference. 63 for your thursday in san francisco, 6, by sunday back to average and hopefully that will get us out of spare the air mode. stay with us for the second half of the month. more on that coming up as we head throughout this friday eve, thursday morning. back to you, sam and laura. >> ever the optimist and positive person. thank you, christina. >> the senate committee is expected to advance a bill that would approve the keystone pipeline. an initial meeting yesterday was cancelled after objections from democrats. the house is expected to vote tomorrow to approve the $5.5
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billion pipeline plan. many believe president obama is going to veto the keystone measure if it were to land on his desk. >> a new university of mish gran poll finds to a forward facing car seat much earlier than recommended. in 2013 only 23 percent of parents followed the guidelines a . >> the delicacy foie gras is back on the menu. now, though, a change of course. yesterday a federal judge said the ban is unconstitutional because it interfered with an existing law. animal rights groups are angered by this decision and they plan
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to appeal it. >> it's about one of the most gruesome, disgusting thanksgiving that can be done is forcing and basically killing a living animal. >> not everyone agrees here. a san francisco burger joint rushed to start cooking that dish right away. >> 4:51. it's a viral video that looks like it's straight out of a western and it starts with two quick thinking boys born and bred in texas, starting when a horse took off in rank are, texte -- ranger, texas, for boys who were going on a ride at a birthday
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party. >> and last night's game turned into single night. what caused controversy. >> and we'll talk about how many hours poll tgss didn't know if gang crime was down. it was just a manipulation of the numbers. playing hoops, sam is number one.
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at st. jude i was number two. yeah, but that was a good thing. sam was the second of seven patients to receive a new cancer treatment available only at st. jude children's research hospital, and that discovery will be shared with hospitals all across america.
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st. jude gives kids like me a shot. a great shot. go to st. jude dot org or shop wherever you see the st. jude logo. welcome back, everyone. the atlanta hawks getting mixed
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reaction last night after the team turned last night's game into a singles event. >> the team announced last night the team would be a swipe right night for folks using tinder. the hawks isn't out roses for men to give to their dates. it outfitted security to wear t-shirts saying "swipe right patrol." there's jay-z opining on tender at basketball games.
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>> they're getting interesting, though. >> they are. 21st century dating. >> nike announced it would start selling power laces later this year. the shoes featured laces that tied on their on. according to the shoe blog nike kicks, this year the laces will tight i don't knen on their own. >> where are the laces that tighten? >> i got the heels on today. >> i'm going to swipe left, stage right to mike. >> i know nothing about tender.
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happily married. we're over here, this truck swiped the hillside and it turned offer on to its side. i'm told pabst blue ribbon inside it. the rest of the tri-valley and the rest of your bay moves smoothly but watch that dublin just past 680, 580. >> san jose police putting more officers on the streets but at the expense of one of its units.
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we continue to follow breaking news this morning. another shooting in france. this time a police officer is dead. details next. >> and more than a dozen flight attendants sue american airline for saying they were unfairly fired for speaking up about a
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safety issue. >> and another spare the air day. hazy skies yet cooler temperatures for today. even cooler for the weekend. even better air quality as well. then we'll see seasonal temps followed by rain next week. more on that in moments. >> and an overturned truck on one of the focal points of one of your commutes. we'll tell you to the tri-valley and how long this is going to take to clear. >> nothing to clear up for the time being as we take a gander at doesn't san jose. christina has been talking about the fact that the air will be thick and hazy once again. more from her momentarily. it's january 8th and you are watching "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we mentioned breaking news this morning, a second shooting in less than 24 hours shaking u


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